Mining is the extraction of minerals and metals from ore deposits found within the Earth’s crust. The methods used to remove the ore from the ground involve a sequence of exploration, development & construction, extraction & processing, and reclamation. Some of the main commodities mined in western Canada include coal, potash, copper, uranium, salt, gold, silver, zinc, diamonds, sand & gravel, and many more.

Oil & Gas Production & Upstream Operations

The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry involves the exploration, extraction, production, and processing of petroleum. Petroleum is removed from the ground in the form of crude oil or natural gas via drilling wells, hydraulic fracturing, and open pit mining in the case of the oil sands. Once removed, the oil and gas undergo processing that separate and prepare it for transportation.

OIL & GAS Processing and Midstream Facilities

The midstream sector includes the transportation, storage, further processing, and marketing of oil and natural gas. Distributed via pipeline, rail, road, and sea, the oil and gas is taken to batteries, processing facilities, storage tanks, and/or exported to market. Processing facilities such as fractionation plants separate the hydrocarbons and remove contaminants, preparing it for sale or components for production of petrochemicals. Storage facilities such as tanks, salt caverns, and depleted reservoirs are critical in accommodating supply and demand fluctuations and allow producers and their customers to control supply through market imbalances and maintain consistency.

OIL & GAS Petrochemical & Other Downstream Facilities

The downstream sector of the oil and gas industry comprises of refineries and plants where the oil and gas are turned into useable purified fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel, as well as lubricants, and other specialized petrochemical products. Petrochemicals are used in the manufacturing of the large majority of items prevalent in virtually all aspects of our every day lives. Downstream facilities also includes retail outlets such as gas stations and natural gas distributors where these products are sold and distributed to consumers.