Taking action where it counts

Safety is about more than paperwork. At Sustainable Developments, safety is our culture. It’s a sense of awareness for ourselves, our teammates, our clients and partners, and the community as a whole.

Our team watches out for each other in various ways on a jobsite. We’ve made safety a conversation, rather than a list of rules to follow. While rules are important, it’s teamwork that helps make sure safety rules are followed and maintained for the best interests of everyone.

We’ve also taken action to ensure our safety standards and processes are among the best in the industry by maintaining COR Certification. We stay in good standing with the WCB and have top ratings with our other partner organizations.

Quality assurance and quality control

Sustainable Developments Quality Manual contains documented statements of our quality policy, quality objectives and references documented procedures required by Sustainable Developments needed to ensure effective planning, operation and control of key management processes.

Quality Management System documentation includes:

Documented statements vision, mission, appointment letters and quality objectives
Project specific quality plan
Documented procedures; corporate and legislative requirements
Inspection test plan traveller
Field exhibits and checksheets
Documents associated with effective planning, operation and control of processes within Sustainable Developments