Civil Construction Experts

Leading Alberta’s Future in Earthworks and Underground Utility Construction

Our Story

SDC Services – a Company founded in Alberta, with the purpose of taking on a leadership role in Western Canada’s civil construction industry. 

SDC Services prides itself on its people.  We are construction experts who consistently deliver quality work exceeding our client’s expectations.

We have a large group of dedicated and qualified leaders that have expertise in construction, engineering, general contracting, estimating, project management, health, safety and quality management. We deliver quality on every proposal and project we work on. Over the past decade, we have achieved success on over 200 projects, by being a trusted and reliable civil contractor.  

It’s no secret—in today’s construction industry you need to work smart not just hard. This includes developing comprehensive risk management strategies, value-engineering and conduction proactive scheduling sessions to look for efficiencies. Our clients experience all of this on every project, effectively saving them time and money.

At SDC Services, we operate above industry standards, with the ultimate goal of client satisfaction. We don’t just say that we are clients focused; they are incorporated into every stage of our work.

Every client matters to us. In addition to our designated and committed leadership group, our ownership group is also actively involved in day-to-day operations, from construct-ability reviews through to project turn-overs to ensure every detail is covered.

We provide solutions that are flexible enough to bend when pressed, but strong enough to keep its integrity in the face of adversity. Every client gets treated equally no matter the projects size and scope.




Specialty Services

Organization, detailed and accurate reporting, understanding and managing risk, creativity, focus, and discipline, as well as consistent delivery of quality service. These are the main contributing factors delivering successful projects in all three divisions.

We always demonstrate credibility and consistency. Our unified team motto is that our clients deserve perfection; every time. This is why they hire us. We lay it on the table, every time; our clients deserve a seamless and simple process. They are kept in the loop, and never have to wonder about the progress of their projects.

Civil Construction

Whether your project is commercial or industrial, our excavators will get it right. Our professional team will start by developing a comprehensive risk management strategy, primarily identifying the inherent risks. Getting started on your project automatically subjects it to our rigorous quality and project management systems. That’s how we ensure your projects complete on-time, on-budget and to your specifications.

We offer a range of backfill and excavation services to provide the physical assets that support Alberta’s economic growth, public health and safety. That includes:

• the excavation of Edmonton’s underground utilities that deliver our gas, water, electricity, and telecommunications
• the preparation of underground services like the sewers that support businesses and residential developments
• the construction of the roads, paths, sidewalks, light rail transit, runways that get people and goods moving
• the development of facilities dedicated to healthcare, education, water treatment, and airport terminals
• the groundwork for the new subdivisions that ensure healthy communities

Whether you’re working on a commercial, industrial, or government project, you can count on SDC Services for all your backfilling and excavation needs in Edmonton.

Underground Services & Underground Utilities

As a full-service civil construction company we don’t just do the excavating and backfilling on your Edmonton project. To us “full service” means that we take responsibility for all the details related to the job. So if the project involves installing underground services for water mains, sanitary, and storm sewers, then we’ll take full responsibility for supplying, installing and commissioning them. Throughout the project, we maintain critical path schedules and exceptional quality service.

Edmonton Excavation and Backfilling

Our skilled team is highly trained in the use of our excavators and specialized equipment. When you combine that training with years of experience in the detailed excavation and backfill of our Edmonton projects, you get a safe team that produces quality work. Whether your project involves excavating Edmonton’s soil in preparation for underground utilities or backfilling after installing underground services, you can count on us for safe, quality, and timely work.

General Contractor

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Sustainable Developments has been actively involved in projects across Western Canada. Sustainable Developments has an established reputation for completing projects on time and on budget through collaboration and responsiveness, with a long term customer service driven approach.

Sustainable Developments ongoing success is based on establishing strong partnerships with its clients. Our team is dedicated to meeting our commitments to clients by consistently providing them with a high-quality product and building experience.


Alberta & British Columbia

We have the experience that you need to help you get the job done right; the first time. We work within your projected timeline and budget. 

We like getting involved in a project early on; during estimating pre-construction. Once engaged by a client, we will begin by developing an execution strategy for your project that can carry project owners all the way through the process, from design review, risk management work sessions, budgets, scheduling, construction and turnover.  Contact us to discuss our integrated approach, and the positive impacts this approach can have on your upcoming projects.

SDC Services is a leader throughout Western Canada, with major projects throughout the lower BC Mainland and Northern Alberta.